Are you putting your best foot forward in every photo? In every potential business opportunity?

In addition to my work at Channel 8, I do “image consulting” for corporate and non-corporate clients.

I provide a variety of services, from helping women and men pick colors and styles of clothing that are flattering, to working with them on confident body language and etiquette.

wore pat smith

Especially in this age of social media, one of the most important tools in  projecting an image is the clothing you wear. Appearing on camera almost every day for more than 30 years has taught me that what looks good in the dressing room doesn’t necessarily look good on camera or at a business lunch!

Color is critical. Each person has a specific skin, hair and eye undertone. One of the most valuable tools I learned at the beginning of my career, and I now teach to others, is how to pick colors that give you a glow when you walk in the room.

wore red final

Clothing cut & style for your unique body shape makes all the difference. No one has a perfect figure! I am short-waisted so I choose slim sleek lines and almost never wear a belt, which generally makes my body shape look dumpy.

wore tahari

Print and pattern is tricky. Patterned dresses like this one are popular and can hide figure flaws but patterns that are too busy almost never work on camera or off.

wore graduation

Finally, clothing can cost a fortune, but doesn’t have to. Knowing which online sites to shop and having a good tailor can give you an expensive, timeless look on a budget. Pretty skirts and tops are a great way to stretch your wardrobe dollar.

wore versace blue skirt

The rules of fashion have changed. There was a time when sleeveless tops and even white like the outfit I have on in the picture at the top of this post were “no-nos”.  There are still rules but in some ways not having firm guidelines can make the art of dressing in a flattering and appropriate way more difficult than ever.

If you are a corporate client or someone looking to move forward in life, wardrobe is a great place to start. I’d be happy to help because there isn’t much I enjoy more than helping someone else put their best foot forward!

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