Taylor Swift wears boots from M.L. Leddy’s…and so does Miranda Lambert…

and Troy Aikman has a really cool pair.

President Bush and Governor Perry and Nolan Ryan and Jerry Jones all have boots from M.L. Leddy’s in Ft. Worth. So I thought Leddy’s would make a great story for my Texas Legends series on Good Morning Texas, Channel 8. I did not intend to buy a pair of boots while we were there shooting for our story!

But once I tried these on…they’ll look so cute with everything from skirts and dresses to jeans.  These boots can even go black tie.

People wait for a new pair of custom made M.L. Leddy’s boots for up to 15 months. Leddy’s traces your foot, takes all kinds of measurements and puts your sketch in a book along with all the other famous people who have custom made M.L. Leddy’s boots.

Maybe someday I’ll actually order a pair of custom made, but Leddy’s also has hundreds of beautiful boots in the store and I couldn’t resist!  I’d been thinking about a pair of black boots (my cowboy boots are brown) and I think these are perfect.  The little white stars and touch of red and blue make them just fun and dressy enough.

So, what do you think?  Do you like them or not??

I’ll be showing you lots more of their beautiful boots and I’ll have the whole M.L. Leddy’s story on Good Morning Texas.

See you Thursday at 9 on Channel 8.

I’ll have my boots on!




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