I have always heard that after liposuction, the fat comes back…somewhere else.

Yes, I have considered lipo on a couple of stubborn spots (like my tummy) that don’t seem to want to budge no matter how many crunches I do, or how many nights I eat kale salad for dinner.

So I decided to ask my trusted friend, Real Jane Medical Contributor Dr. Rod Rohrich.

Here’s what Dr. Rohrich said…“Patients need to make a life commitment to diet and proper exercise before they have lipo.”

The reason why is not just to lose as much as you can before the procedure, but because the fat can come back if you do not have a routine. “If the patient regains more than 15 percent of pre-liposuction weight” Dr. Rohrick said. “It’s not unusual to see fat return if you gain weight after the procedure. However if you stick to your diet and exercise routines, you should not have a problem.”

So, what that says to me is that if I were to have liposuction on a couple of trouble spots, and stick to my diet and exercise routine after the procedure, I should expect not to see weight gain in other areas.

By the way, Dr. Rohrich also said it is “very important for the consumer to find a board certified physician that does true body sculpturing and not just spot lipo on one or two areas as that does not look good in the long term.”  He also recommends you only use lipo on areas that are diet and exercise resistant “like the flanks and outer thighs. Lipo is not a way to lose weight.”

Hmmmm….I’m still thinking, but I might do it.

As much as I love vegetables, I’m really tired of kale salad for dinner!



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