Ok, here’s my favorite restaurant in a long time and it’s in Mexico…

La Capellina in Guanajuato was wonderful.  A crispy fried parsley and bacon taco appetizer, some of the best pizza ever baked in a 400 year old wood fired oven, wonderful pasta with duck, olives and tomatoes and either chocolate or “corn” cake topped with pistachio ice cream for dessert.

This food was as sophisticated as any I’ve had in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  A shop clerk in Guanajuato told me that most of their tourists are from France and China, not the U.S., so I’m going to do a post tomorrow about why I thought Guanajuato was such a cool place to visit.

Breakfast at almost any cafe in San Miguel Allende was so good. And what strikes me is how much care the people take to prepare a beautiful plate of fresh fruit or any American or Mexican breakfast.

I had been warned about food in Mexico but I ate just about everything and it was wonderful.  I only drank bottled water of course, but I ate fruit from street vendors, and it was so delightful to see tables piled high with beautiful fresh vegetables at every market.

I would go back to Mexico in a second for lots of things, including the lovely food.  And especially the people.  I’m in love.


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