I do not know what happened inside Presbyterian Hospital …

but I think, sadly, Presbyterian and potentially other hospitals across the country is suffering badly for the missteps of the CDC.

The ebola threat has been top of mind at the CDC for months now.  They knew there was a possibility that someone in the U.S. would contract the disease. And yet, every day they come off as more and more unprepared.

It now looks as if everyone is making this up as they go.

I hope that ebola is not the health threat everyone fears it is; that despite it’s high fatality rate, it is somewhat easily contained.

But in order to do that there has to be a plan. In order not to have panic, which is destructive in ways beyond the health crisis, there has to be a plan.

The CDC asks us to trust their admonitions about how Ebola is spread and advice about how to protect ourselves and our families.

But with every misstep they undercut our ability to do that.

For all our sakes I hope they can remedy that quickly.

I’m sure Presbyterian Hospital has made many errors along the way here. I am not letting them off the hook for mistakes made, but I honestly feel sorry for the doctors and staff there.  I’m pretty sure they are trying their level best.   Bottom line, the CDC’s preparation appears to have been at best inadequate, at worst,  abysmal.

What are your thoughts on this?  Please tell me, I’m interested.





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