Nah…get your mind out of the gutter…

I’m talking about trimming your Christmas tree, of course!

That’s my son Michael and the dog getting ready to cut ours down at Wall’s Christmas Tree Farm outside Terrell a couple of years ago.

My brother and his family will put up their tree this weekend…like they do the weekend after Thanksgiving, every year. And their house will be beautiful for the holidays.

On the other hand…well there was the year Michael, who was about 7 at the time, offered to “hop over the fence” to cut down the Christmas tree at the local farm that was…closed. For the season.

So why don’t I get my tree decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving? I could if I really wanted to.

I have friends who tell me they will have family gathered with them at Thanksgiving who won’t be there at Christmas so they want to be able to enjoy the decorations and tree together. Their tree is up Thanksgiving day!

Still others insist that Thanksgiving comes first…that we should give the turkey his one day in the sun, and really focus on our blessings and being thankful before the season of giving gets started.

I’ve got my reasons…and they’re practical. One, my birthday is at the end of November and I like to celebrate that special time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas just being me!  But really—I love a real tree, and don’t want it drying out before the big day!! So every year, we’re left at the Christmas tree farm outside of Terrell, picking from “what’s left”.

What about you? When do the lights go up and the ornaments come out at your house? Let me know your ideal date in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!


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