Kiki, Coco & Gigi are just a few of the hundreds of darling names I got when I posted on social media, “what’s your Grandma name?”…

This pic was snapped when I was visiting my son, his girlfriend and their new puppy “Panda”. I reached out to cuddle Panda and caught myself saying “come to….”, and realized I had no idea what I would call myself when  hopefully someday I’m cradling a grandbaby!

It was fun to look through the possibilities, and if you, like me, are still considering, here were some of the cute ones I never would have thought of, and some that are just sweet:

Glam-ma, Lolli & Pop (his & hers), Honey, Sassy, Cookie, Peaches, Sugar, Lala, Memere (French), Yaya (Greek) and Gramcracker.

Or maybe my grandbaby will name me, like my little boy did my mother, who was just “Gammy”.

Lots of love,


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