It’s Valentine’s week and that means you want sexy lips…

And the good news for 2016 is that natural moisturized lips, like the way I did mine for the pic above, are in and the fake “platypus” looking lip is out.

Time to forget the lip enhancers. For all those that look like a distant cousin to Daisy Duck, stop already! The over lined, over plumped lips are making the face appear fatter! Quack, what??

A lip liner in a shade closest to natural lip color, along with only going outside the lines to correct certain shape imperfections and filling with a moisturizing lip balm is hot for 2016. Just look at beautiful Kate Bosworth at the Golden Globes (photo courtesy

lips 2016

Remember to reapply lip balm often …like up to 30x a day…to keep the natural “just stepped off the slopes” look.

Here are some lip balms I like for the lips: Blistex that you can order here from Ulta and this great 4 pack of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.  

Happy kissing!