Here is one surprising trend that didn’t last into 2016…

Out: Super sculpted dark gelled eyebrows

In: Soft clean lighter brows

Whether it’s my brows in the photo above, or this picture of the beautiful Sofia Vegara,  we’re loving prominent and well groomed but slighter softer and more natural brows in 2016.eyebrows sofiaWhile enhancing your eyebrows does make ones eyes pop, in 2016 it’s out with the heavy and dark pomade of 2015, and in with lighter powder on brows. Take a look at Anastasia brow powder duo. It’s my favorite, and there are lots of shades to choose from:

And, if you need help getting that “just right” brow,  this kit has stencils to create the perfect shapes for any face.

I’m going to post several beauty tips on “What’s Out, What’s In, 2016” over the next few weeks so I look forward to seeing you here on RealJane!

Have a beautiful day,