The handbag a woman carries, and the secrets inside it, can say a lot about her!

Is your bag a clean container for only the items you need? Or is it filled with notes about things you need to do and miscellaneous rubber bands?

We thought it might be fun to show you the handbags some well known Texas women carry, and take a peek inside them.

We start with KISS-FM’s Kellie Rasberry.

Kellie’s favorite handbag is a beautiful red Michael Kors that you just can’t find anymore.

Inside Kellie’s bag;  her daughter’s Girl Scout cookie sale sheet, Kellie’s favorite “go to” cosmetic items including the Vitamin E she carries everywhere, and about a dozen pens (just in case she runs out!)

Kellie swears by the good things a little Vitamin E can do for the skin. She carries it to dab on her lips or under eyes just about any time she needs to freshen up.


Counting calories.

And any girl who counts every calorie deserves to have the beautiful shape Kellie keeps!

You can see more of Kellie’s life when we go inside her new home and dating life on Kellie Rasberry, A Texas Legend, Thursday Jan. 28 on Good Morning Texas!

See you then,




* Most of us carry some of our hard earned cash in our handbag. We like the idea of telling you where some of your favorite North Texans share all their blessings. Kellie Rasberry’s charity of choice is Kidds’ Kids. 


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