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Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Favorites

Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Favorites

Does this photo look familiar? I bet you have a similar one, showing off that teen-age tan. If you're like me, you spent way too much time in the sun in your life. As a teen-ager, I remember slathering myself with baby oil and then baking in the sun for hours to get...

Snow Day Personal Thoughts

Snow Day Personal Thoughts

As we recover from snow and ice and no power and boiling water....I want to share something of lesser importance, but more personal. These photos were snapped the day most of us had power in our homes again and the snow had finally begun to melt, and it felt like we...

My Crossroads

My Crossroads

I came to a crossroads in the past year... - Like most of us, I've wanted more self love all my life. Like a lot of women, instead of loving myself, I made a habit of getting my sense of worth from my work, my parenting (which puts way too much pressure on the child...

Latest Cosmetic Procedure I’m Loving

Latest Cosmetic Procedure I’m Loving

I like to try any new beauty product of treatment before I recommend it so I waited until I had seen results tell you about this, but I've got to share it with you! I won't ever say "never", but I've always been extremely conservative with any cosmetic procedures...


Hi, I’m Real Jane, and welcome to my blog!

I’m a mom of a 27 year old named Michael, a journalist & TV host, and most of all, a woman with a mission of helping other women.

Since I was a little girl I have loved style, color, cooking, gardening, fashion and design and that’s the fun part of what I do here.

I’m also a woman who has had successes and made mistakes in her life and my hope is to share with you the tools I have used to enhance my self love and thus, my life.

I appreciate you and hope we’ll be longtime friends, here on Real Jane.






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