As a woman, I can tell you it’s pretty cool to wake up Christmas morning to something really special Under the Tree…

So as I run across gifts this holiday season that I would want to find with my name on them Christmas morning, I’m going to snap a few pictures and tell you about them. Maybe I’ll help you find that gift that brings a big smile and a hug!

I was doing a Texas Legends story on M.L. Leddy’s in Ft. Worth when I spotted these beautiful handbags!

These are one of a kind pieces, made from ostrich and other skins. I love the ostrich because it’s beautiful, durable and light as a feather.  I think the black stingray is spectacular.

Bobby Woodward makes every piece by hand at his ranch in Wimberly, Texas. His Fine Exotic Leathers has been selling at Leddy’s for a couple of years now.

The day I was there he was taking the measurements off a customer’s favorite Chanel bag, and then going to make the same evening bag for her in the black stingray.

Someone please tell Santa I’ve been plenty good this year and if he want’s to stop by Leddy’s on the way to my  house, please give Bobby a call.

That bag he was making has my name on  it.

Happy Shopping,