This is just some delicious BBQ! Brisket, pork loin or sausage…

I tasted it for the first time when I was a “Celebrity Judge” for the Big Taste of Ft. Worthbenefiting Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

My job was to taste a dish from all 27 restaurants (somebody’s gotta do it!) and honestly, everything I tasted was very good.


But I love BBQ and when I tasted Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ I thought it was really special.

Once I googled it I realized it’s the same Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ I’ve eaten in the Hill Country.  There are locations in Austin, Llano and New Braunfels.

Well, now there’s one in Ft. Worth so stop by if you want some delicious BBQ, or you can order online at Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ

I also really liked Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk Kitchen.  


This was home cooked BBQ at it’s very best, with a really tasty slaw on the side.

Either would be the perfect, easy summer cook-out meal as we approach those warm evenings ahead!





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