The shooting in France happened a half a world away but we should all be very disturbed by it.

The shooting appears to be an attack on what we would call a “snarky” magazine that made fun of religions, all religions.

I don’t for one instant support anything the Ku Klux Klan stands for, but I am eternally grateful I live in a country where members of the Klan are free to say what they think. I consider myself a Christian but I am forever thankful that atheists are free to challenge, in our courts, attempts to bind government to religion.

The freedom to  think, write and stand up for what we believe is at the very core of a humane society that honors the soul of each and every person.

I hope the same people who were outraged by the attempt to squash a Hollywood movie that took pot shots at a North Korean dictator will more than take note of what happened in Paris.

If you want a taste of true terror, try living under a government that attempts to control not only what you say, but what you think.

What do you think?



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