Maybe the most surprising thing about Texas Legend Roger Staubach…

is how funny he is!

I have been fortunate to interview Roger a few times and I’ve known him for several years. The picture of me in the light blue jacket was snapped when Roger took us on a tour of his beautiful new Preston Hollow home about four years ago. The interview was soon after it was built. It had a dining room table big enough for the whole family, I think it sat maybe 18?

The time before that when I interviewed him, about 15 years ago, he was living in the house where he raised all his children.  It was big, and it was built around a basketball court, really!  Troy Aikman’s girls sometimes play basketball with the Staubach grandchildren.

Anyway, the morning we caught up with Staubach for our Texas Legends piece for Good Morning Texas we talked about the Cowboys and Tony Romo and about the game Staubach says was “the most nervous of his life”.

But first we tossed the football in the hallways of his offices at Jones Lange LaSalle Real Estate.  Staubach has done well on the field and off. At 72, Forbes recently ranked Staubach the highest paid former NFL player.

Click on this link for my full interview with Texas Legend Roger Staubach and you’ll see why “Roger the Dodger” made us smile.



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