As I watched this video again, of course, tears came to my eyes…

and the words that came to my mind were “once someone is gone, they’re gone”.



But we can make life better for them while they are here.

That’s my Mom on the right in the picture above. I’m in the yellow…it’s one of the last family photos we have. You may know that my Mom died almost two years ago from ALS. I recorded the video on my iPhone of her playing the piano just a couple of days before she died. Through the amazing grace of God she kept the use of her hands until the end.

I am re-posting the video today because I want to bring your attention to an organization that could help a lot of people with ALS.  It is the ALS Living Fund  to help raise funding for an ALS Living Center.

Fortunately, my Dad had the money to take care of my Mom in her final months. Lots of families don’t. This will be a place those families can turn to.

I hope you’ll consider making a contribution.

You can find more information at

I’ll see you there.


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