When my friend Candace Evans found out I was building a new house…

she wanted to do a blog piece on it for Candy’sDirt.com.

So I pulled out a lot of old pictures of the home I sold this past July, sent them to her and tried to answer her questions about the home I hope to build.

I told her “I am drawing up floor plans for the new house right now and I hope to build a smaller, less expensive, low-maintenance version of my Westover Hills home I sold in July, the perfect baby boomer ‘down-sizing’ house.” So I hope my new home will look a lot like these pictures I snapped at my old house – but smaller!

Candy’sDirt asked me:

When building your new home, what were your “must haves”?

The new home will be built on a lot that includes a dry creek that runs through the backyard. I hope to have a small infinity edge lap pool and terrace that look out over the beautiful green space of the creek.

I am building a one-story home, because I have like them and because I understand there is a good market for one-story homes right now. I usually try to build with selling potential in mind.

I want great high-tech in this house: My computer is my link to my livelihood on RealJane.net so I am experimenting with some of the latest technology related developments for homes.

And also:

What is your décor style, and how do you plan on making your spaces unique?

I like open spaces that make for good “flow” in a house, and I’m partial to a bank of French doors across the back looking out onto a terrace and green space. My style is what I call “Italian/Hacienda”. I have a mix of antiques from Italy, Mexico, Southern France, and Spain that I have collected over 20 years, but there is nothing in my house you can’t put your feet up on!

If you want to read more about the neighborhood I’m building in, see the pics of the lot, and learn more about the style of house I hope to build here’s the story about my home on Candy’sDirt.com.

Thank you so much to my friend Candace Evans for her interest in my new home building project.


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