My Dad and I were asked to tell our story recently…

at the Wrap It Up Luncheon benefitting the CC Young Benevolence Fund. Here’s a little bit of what we said.


Wrap Janie

Jane: I got my broadcasting start at age 4, about the age I was in this picture, doing commercials for my Dad’s radio station in Anna, Illinois, the small town where I grew up.

Dad: Jane did commercials for my advertisers like Bunny Bread and the local car dealerships.

Me: My Dad paid me in…Barbie Dolls.

Dad: I interviewed people like Walter Cronkite and the famous heart surgeon Michael DeBakey and I often took Jane with me.

Wrap Cronkite plane



WRAP kennedyJane: My Dad showed my brother, David, and me that we could do just about anything we wanted, if we worked hard. My Dad even got into a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden  when John F. Kennedy was President, without a press pass!

My Dad was always doing something new and fun. He was always moving forward and enjoying life. That’s the example he set.





Dad: After college, Jane got a job as the weekend reporter for the local TV station before eventually coming to Dallas, where her brother, David, was in school at SMU.

Jane: One of the first stories I covered was the Republican National Convention in Dallas…




and I’ve been fortunate to interview everyone from President George W. Bush…

WRAP President George W. Bush & Jane McGarry

WRAP Willie Nelson & Jane McGarry







…to Texas music legend Willie Nelson.

Dad: Almost three years ago, Jane’s mother and I decided to move to Dallas so we could be close to our kids and grandkids. Jane’s mother, Marian, and I met in college and almost never spent a night apart in 59 years old marriage.


Jane: Right after my parents got here my Mom got sick. That was in May. We took her to doctors and hospitals all summer trying to figure out what was wrong. Right around the Christmas she was diagnosed with ALS, and she died a few weeks later, January 22.

My Dad was all alone. For months he was so sad. My brother and I visited, but nothing seemed to help.

Dad: I met some people at Highland Park Methodist Church, where I go to church, who took me to lunch at CC Young Retirement Center. I never thought I would want to live into a retirement center but it was beautiful and the people were so friendly. I told them the following Monday I was moving in.

Jane: I’m here speaking with my Dad at this Wrap It Up Luncheon to benefit the Benevolence Fund at CC Young because I want to thank you. You literally saved my Dad’s life. Does he look sad now?

WRAP Tucker and Don at Amberjax





Dad: I’m having a wonderful life. I’m writing biographies on a lot of the  folks who live at CC Young, there are so many interesting people there…and I’ve met some wonderful new friends. And Valentine’s Day, I’m starting a brand new project, interviewing people there for a series called  “How I Met My Husband”.




It’s perfect for me. CC Young…Where the Spirit is Ageless. 

WRAP Dad bench front

WRAP Tucker and Don on park benchA


Thank you to Mrs. H. Ross Perot, for being Wrap It Up Luncheon Honorary Chair, and to Photographer Danny Campbell for the great photos of my Dad and me, and the luncheon.





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