“I love the pink sofa, but…

won’t you get tired of it? How will you use it in the future in a different room?”

Those are some of the questions people have asked me about the pretty pink sofa in my new home.

I wanted to provide some answers, and give you some ideas about how to update your look with one great piece, so here’s a short Q&A with my designer and RealJane.net Homestyle Editor Ken Blasingame.

Ken, why did you say “okay” when I mentioned I might want a pink sofa?

Jane, your former home had lots of color and you love color.  mcgarry house 4But the walls in your new home were already a pleasing shade of white with a museum quality finish.

pink & abstractYou are trying to stick to a budget and painting would have been a waste of money. The white also makes more sense for future resale. So we needed to look for ways to bring color to a sleek white palette.

But won’t I get tired of the pink sofa?

In my experience, people never tire of colors they truly love. In the White House private quarters that I helped First Lady Laura Bush with, the yellow sofa in the Yellow Oval Room was one of her favorite spots.laura vogue

So if I move in the future, how in the world am I going to use a pink sofa in a different house?

If you move,  I can see you making your next home your most colorful of all, Jane! It would be simple to put this pink sofa against a deep red or even a rich coral backdrop.  I would encourage your readers to go ahead and pick a piece in a favorite color. Color is much easier to incorporate than some people fear.

How does the addition of just one piece completely update a look?

These days, no one wants a dated look, but you don’t have to buy all new furniture to update. The trick is to buy only pieces you love and then don’t be afraid to move them about throughout your home in order to freshen your look. The green credenza that sat in your bedroom in your previous home, for instance, is now on the wall facing the pink sofa in your new living room.


Then, when you add those one or two new pieces, like the “glamorous” tufted velvet pink sofa, everything old looks new. One important tip is to choose new pieces with a bold new look. The “glam” sofa updates everything.

Finally, you made this sofa deep enough to use decorative pillows, one trick that you use to keep a “fresh look”.

Yes, I prefer a deeper sofa because it allows you to completely change the look, with the simple addition of new pillows.

And I’m very excited about the ones I have found for you to put on this beautiful pink velvet sofa!


I can’t wait!


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