I have a love story to share with you.

A couple of years ago, I decided to take the focus off trying to get a man to love me, and put it on loving myself.

These last couple of years have been challenging; I’ve learned a lot, but it hasn’t always been easy or what I hoped for: I ended a relationship that I would have liked to work.

I have focused on self care; everything from physical exercise to eating right but maybe most important was defining and living by my values.  I’ve shared many of those here and on my social media.

Like many of you, I wasn’t looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day alone.

I was getting in my car the other night and a woman walking her dog stopped and said “I want you to know that because of you I have been reading “Jesus Calling” and journaling every morning since January 1st”.

I got in my car and processed what had just happened.  And I felt this rush of love, better than any love affair. 

Instead of focusing on someone else loving me and sometimes sacrificing my authenticity to get it, I’ve focused on self care by living my values and sharing them with others, and what happened was love. Self love.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


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