If you are going to buy one pair of boots this fall…

I would tell you to pick up a pair of the “over the knee” boot that is so popular right now.

I’m having fun wearing mine with everything from leggings and a sweater to go shopping for rugs at Pottery Barn, to a short dress and jacket for a Cowboys game.

Some have high heels and those are really sexy, but I wanted something cute and fun and comfortable with jeans, leggings or a dress. (Besides, I didn’t want to look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, not that I could!)

I’ve seen over the knee boots everywhere from Target to Neiman-Marcus.

One word of caution: I wouldn’t spend too much because I think they’re going to look out of style by the end of winter!

Will you buy “over the knee” boots?  What is your favorite “go to” boot for winter?

Happy Shopping,