By Cheryl Crosby   I always carry this one little pencil in my make-up kit…

My very favorite use for The Everything Pencil is to line the inside of the lower eye lid for a wide eye look, especially the inner corner of the eye. It just opens up the eye and makes it looks so pretty and bright!

But in addition The Everything Pencil comes in handy in all sorts of unexpected ways when I’m doing make-up.

It’s perfect to dot on any small blemish and it can help minimize under eye circles. And sometimes I use it to soften fine lines around the lip, or as a highlight under the brow, just pat it on gently.

The Everything Pencil is my “go to” quick fix. And it contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which is so good for your skin.

And best of all, you can pick up The Everything Pencil for under $15.00 at lots of locations, including the local Walgreen’s.  I always have one in my bag.

Have a beautiful day,


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