Whether you’re planning a tailgate party or just home watching the games, football weekend needs some fun food!

My friend from Oklahoma calls herself “The Devilish Dish”.  One thing’s for sure, her food is sinful!

This recipe is her  “Texas Stuff” (click on “Texas Stuff” for the recipe:)  It looks absolutely decadent, and like you could throw it together pretty quickly, which is my kind of dish!

You could use your own chili recipe, or I would use fresh sliced jalapenos, and lots of them!

The Devilish Dish tells me you’ll have your guests eating out of your hand, and I think she may just be right!  But I would put out some plates and napkins, just in case.

(By the way, click on the name of the dish “Texas Stuff” for the recipe!)


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Candi England “The Devilish Dish”

I’ve been cooking since I was knee-high to a stand mixer.  When my Mom only used salt, pepper and seasoned salt, I was riding my bike to the grocery store and buying fresh garlic.  I’ve enjoyed cooking my entire life, especially baking.  On my blog, The Devilish Dish, no calorie counts, no political correctness…Just sinfully stimulating scoop, and food so good it tastes like Jesus made it.


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