I have known President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush since…

the first time I did a story on the Bush family. It was right before Christmas, just after Mr. Bush was elected Governor of Texas.  Mr. Bush was stringing lights around the Christmas tree at their nice, but not overly large home, in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas.

Jenna and Barbara were middle schoolers, running in and out of the house, when the phone rang.  It was a boy, for Jenna, and her Dad made a little joke about it on camera.  I found out later that she was mortified we might put it on TV.  We didn’t.  The President and Mrs. Bush were very protective of their daughters’ privacy.

Since that time I have interviewed both the President and Mrs. Bush several times.  The President is likely to crack a joke and you never know how long the interview might go.  I was fortunate to be one of the last reporters to interview Mr. Bush at the White House, during the final week he was in office.  He enjoyed talking about all that had happened while he was President and what was supposed to be a 12 minute interview turned out to be more like 20.  It was a reporter’s dream.

Mrs. Bush is a delightful person, she is funnier than you might expect, and always gracious.  She remembers to ask about my son and knows his name.

Anyway, the last time I interviewed Mrs. Bush was for our Texas Legends piece on WFAA-TV’s Good Morning Texas. We snapped these pictures with my iPhone behind the scenes during the set up at the Bush Presidential Library, where we did the interview.

I ran across them on my iPhone and wanted to show them to you because it is the only time I have ever seen every member of our crew wearing a necktie.  We were all excited to be there. And it showed.

I hope you enjoy the photos,


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