Do you have guests coming in? Want to take them someplace fun, & get them out of the house?

I took the weekend to visit Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas at different times of day and here’s my Holiday Weekend Tip.

Do take your friends or family to Klyde Warren Park for a few hours sometime while they are here. It’s a great way to show off our city, and there’s something for everyone to do.

You might have lunch at Relishthe little fast food stop right in the middle of the park. My hot dog was super good, split & grilled, really. While you’re taking a break, the kids in your Thanksgiving crowd can run and play…and you are surrounded by the spectacular scenery of downtown Dallas.

Walk across the street to the garden of the Nasher Sculpture Center.  You can always go inside if it’s raining but I kind of hate the idea of trying to keep kids on their best behavior in a museum…they can run all they want in the sculpture garden!

At night, leave the kids at home, or do a light family dinner at Savorthe spectacular restaurant in the middle of the park.

Here’s what I mean. Savor is expensive but there are ways to cut the cost. You could go at lunch, but I’ve got to tell you the architect Thomas Phifer designed this place to sparkle at night. If you are a lover of art and beauty like I am, you need to go just to experience the design in the dark.

Sit outside and share some of the Crispy Shrimp & Calamari or Deviled Eggs. There was plenty of Braised Short Rib to split…and I bet there’s a kid in your crowd who would be happy with the $5 Mac and Cheese (he’ll never know there are truffles in the crust!).

Or, if I were you, I might take everyone to Savor for dessert. They have Minis For the Table, 10 beautiful desserts for $25, and who needs more than a couple of bites after all that pumpkin pie anyway? If it’s a pretty evening, Savor is an impressive experience, wherever your friends or family came in from.

And yes, I’m squinting in that last picture, but what could be better than a beautiful warm sunny day in Texas for your friends from the North!

I hope you enjoyed my suggestion, and I’d love to hear where you like to take Thanksgiving guests. Please tell me in the comments below. Your suggestions are where I get my best ideas!

*By the way, I paid for my lunch and dinner at Savor and Relish; dessert was on the house at Savor.



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