I got some really surprising tips on orchids when Dr. Delphinium came on Good Morning Texas…

I’ve always heard that the best way to keep orchids moist, but not over watered, is by putting a few cubes of ice in them.

I was wrong…Dr. Delphinium…one of the leading authorities on orchids, says the ice is actually too cold for a tropical plant like the orchid.

The entire base of the orchid should be soaked and then left to thoroughly drain before putting it back in the container.  That’s just one of the helpful tips we got on how to pick out the orchids that will last longest, and how to keep them blooming for as long as 8 or more weeks.

Here’s the short video; if you’re interested in keeping orchids in beautiful blooms, there are lots of great tips!

Dr. Delphinium Explains How To Pick & Care For Orchids




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