I couldn’t resist “Spooning” since Chef John Tesar is known as somewhat of a bad boy…

But he’s always been very nice to me, as you can see in the pictures above!

My friend and Good Morning Texas anchor Amy Vanderoef invited me to try Spoon before Chef Tesar comes on the show with us next week.

I’ll let him cook for me anytime!

Yellowtail with Texas ruby red grapefruit, Live Diver scallop with brown butter & Perigord truffle, Skate, Snapper…and all other wonderful fish and seafood. And for dessert..The White Album, which may be the best tapioca I’ve ever eaten in my life.

If you go, ask to sit at the Chef’s bar where you can watch Chef Tesar and his staff chop, whisk and sautee.

Tesar is adding a third restaurant to the duo of Knife and Spoon, an Italian pasta bar that will be called Gravy which is what lots of Italian Americans call the sauce on  pasta.  Gravy will be moderately priced pastas, sauces and a couple of main courses – no pizzas.

If the food is anything like  Spoon  I can’t wait for it to open!

And I’m looking forward to my interview with Chef John Tesar next week on Good Morning Texas.

Hope to see you on Channel 8,


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