This is a beautiful red vintage Chanel handbag I bought for $220.00.

I just checked ebay and similar bags are going for $1200 to $2200. So, I got mine for as little as one tenth the price!

I bought it at the Genesis Women’s Shelter Store at Lemmon and Knight in Dallas.

I wanted to tell you about Genesis because it’s a great place to find terrific bargains on everything from clothing to furniture. (I’ll show you some furniture and art in my home that came from Genesis in an upcoming post).

Also, I love the fact that the proceeds from Genesis go to help women and children who are trying to escape domestic violence.

I like to shop second hand stores that have a solid reputation. Genesis and the Salvation Army’s store on Inwood Road in Dallas are two good ones. They won’t try to sell you a fake.

If you want to take the chance on something like a handbag, take your purchase to the designer store, in this case Chanel. They can usually tell you if it is authentic.

Last week I picked up a beautiful Bottega Veneta travel duffle from Genesis. The Bottega Veneta store at Northpark is putting a new lining in and it should come back looking like new.

What are your favorite second hand stores? Where do you find bargains? Tell me in the comments below, because I’d love to find some new ones.

Happy shopping!!

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