Disclosure: My manicure, pedicure and massage were complimentary

I was asked by a friend to write a post about Spa Castle, one of the “Korean” type spas in North Texas. If you have never been to one of these, it should be your next beauty experience.

The “Korean” type spas are a little like the bathhouses of Asia.

As soon as you enter you take your shoes off, and you’re in a same sex locker room where lots of women, or men, walk around nude. The areas are separated into single sex.

You get a pair of shorts, a t-shirt for the co-ed areas. There are several different saunas and a “hot sweat” room. You  might choose a scrub or massage after.

The facility is huge, with hydrotherapy spa pools, sauna rooms, even a fitness center, places to eat and more. I was there on Saturday and there were people getting treatments, and just hanging out in the pools and restaurants.

You can also get private spa treatments here. I got a mani, pedi and massage.  It’s not as private as more expensive spas but the services were all very good.

I could imagine it being a great place to spend a day with friends. If you haven’t tried a “Korean” spa yet, this is a great place to start!

Spa Castle is centrally located in Carrollton.




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