I’ve been posting a lot recently about self care and self love and some thoughts came up that I want to share with you.
My physical body, my job, the home I live in, my friends, my family are all…gifts. So taking good care is simply showing appreciation and gratitude for the gifts I’ve been given. That means choosing & working toward healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle, and supporting others through showing love. All those things we think of as “self love” or “self care” are just a real life way of saying “thank you”. I think the old fashioned way they used to talk about it in the little Methodist church where I grew up was “stewardship”
Reminding myself everything I have is a gift also helps me resist the temptation not to take good care of myself 😉
Talking about appreciation and gratitude seemed like a good idea on this cold rainy day as we enter the season of giving because…every day is a gift.

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