As we recover from snow and ice and no power and boiling water….I want to share something of lesser importance, but more personal.

These photos were snapped the day most of us had power in our homes again and the snow had finally begun to melt, and it felt like we all needed a smile.

It was also a day there was finally time for me, a Mom, to reflect on what we had been through, and maybe what we missed.

My son Michael is now 27, and I know only too well how who quickly time can pass, and how much the cherished memories mean.

As I walked Michael’s dog, Addy, I kept thinking about one of my most cherished snow memories when Michael was only a toddler. I didn’t have Michael until I was almost 37 and, I think like lots of older parents,  his father  (my now ex-husband) and I took him everywhere. On a beautiful snowy night in Woodstock, Vermont, that included a small country inn where we had dinner. We had brought along a couple of Michael’s favorite toys, and I’ll never forget the contentment and peace and joy of him quietly playing under our table, while we ate dinner with the snow shimmering outside.

I often tell young women who ask me about balancing a career and family, that it’s the memories of family and children and love that will last, and that snowy night is one of my most cherished.

So as I walked Addy down our snow covered Texas sidewalk, I couldn’t help but think that nature had provided an opportunity for Texas families to make cherished memories for themselves with a rare Texas snowfa and I was sad that seemingly preventable events had gotten in the way.

As a Mom, I was wistful for an opportunity missed for other families to make memories like mine.

Here’s to cherishing every moment full of love and joy,

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