Eeek! Dr. Ian Smith texted me this week to say…

He’s coming back on “Good Morning Texas” February 16th to see how much weight I lost on his Shred Power Cleanse.purple power wideThat means I’ve really got to do this!

Here’s my typical day so far on the Shred Power Cleanse

Breakfast: Purple Power Detox Smoothie with fresh blueberries and strawberries

Morning Snack: handful of unsalted almonds

Lunch: Victorious Vanilla Shake with banana, nonfat yogurt and raw honey

Dinner: Clean Salad with greens, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrot, a few olives and a dash of lemon and olive oil

Evening Snack: Chocolate Razzy Smoothie with fresh raspberries and a few chocolate chips

And I’m following Dr. Ian’s advice to break up my workout routine by doing different activities. Our bodies get efficient at burning fewer calories if we stick with the same exercises every day.

The Shred Power Cleanse is about feeling better in our clothes but most important about our health. February is Heart Month so it’s a great month to make sure we’re taking the best possible care of our bodies.shred closeHave a healthy day,




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