I’m going to show you two examples of how I use textiles in my home…

and you’ll see why Passementerie is one of my favorite shops in Santa Fe.  They have wonderful new textiles from all over the world, and some older ones that I’m partial to.  If there’s an antique, I’ll buy it!

In the picture from my Ft. Worth home, you can see I used an inexpensive textile to drape over a table.  Well, it really isn’t a table underneath – just some two by four pieces of lumber and a top nailed together.  But you would never know it with that pretty textile on top!

And at the condo where I’m staying while I build my new home, I don’t want to paint the walls, but I sure do miss lots of color, so I put a beautiful old textile from Passementerie across the foot of the bed for a splash of turquoise that I love.

I got the funky green python mules at Back at the Ranch.  They have all kinds of gorgeous exotic skins to pick from if you don’t mind the wait, or choose from the hundreds of pair they have in the store.  Now I’m dying for the mules in red. How cute are those!

By the way, I really liked the place we stayed in Santa Fe, Las Palomas was a moderately priced bed and breakfast with beautiful flowers everywhere and it was just blocks from the square so we could walk anywhere we wanted to go.  And they had the chili ristras I love hanging everywhere!

Have you been to any of these shops?  What’s your favorite place to shop in Santa Fe? Where do you stay?

Would you be interested in going on a “Santa Fe Shopping Spree” for Real Jane subscribers soon? I’m planning one but I want to know where you would like to go!


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