Early this morning I stopped to get gas, when she came walking by…

Torn jeans…pulling a wagon piled high behind her.

She asked me if I had a dollar.

I said no, because I was in a hurry. She walked off. As I was filling up with gas, my eyes followed her. I thought about how it cost fifty dollars to fill up my car and all she wanted was a dollar. I felt a twinge of guilt. I had just dropped twenty dollars without thinking at a restaurant last night.

I went on and filled my tank.

Then I thought, what the heck, if she looks that down and out…even if she’s gonna waste the money…she needs it.

I pulled up beside her and started to hand her the cash. She was in front of a doughnut shop. She said “oh thank you so much M’am, I just wanted to buy a doughnut”.

When she looked and saw it was a twenty instead of a one she almost started to cry.

And so did I.

What would you do? Do you give money to strangers when they ask? Is it a mistake? Or is it cash well spent?

I’ve always thought it’s better to give to the Salvation Army where the money won’t be wasted and that if people really want help, they will go there. With the wisdom of a few years, I think things aren’t always that neat and tidy.

Love to hear your thoughts,





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