Oh SO Cynthia and I had just finished a good cry in this picture because…

We’re both just like that? Lol.

Maybe…but we’re also both the Moms of only sons and we had just finished talking about how quickly they grown up.

I’ve known Cynthia Smoot for a few years. I have watched her build her blog OhSOCynthia into a powerhouse. When we went to Cattle Baron’s together she knew EVERYBODY!

cattle baronscynthia&me





















And they knew her.

I admire her for her hard work, her straight-shooting ways, her no nonsense approach…but I admire her more for that day tears came to her eyes at the mention of her son. It would be easy to be seduced by all the glitz and glamour that are Cynthia’s job.  She’s not.

She won my heart that day and it is easy for me to see why she’s won the hearts of so many others.

She is…oh, SO! Cynthia.

Cynthia, what do you want for Christmas?

Travel. I’m at the age where the last thing I want is more useless stuff. I am into collecting experiences, so this Christmas, my husband and I are giving each other the gift of a trip to Palm Springs, CA. so we can enjoy some quality time in a new locale and create some new memories together.

What was your best Christmas gift ever?

My sister-in-law gave me a bed jacket several years ago and at the time I thought it was a lame gift. It has since become my favorite thing to throw on after work and lounge around the house in. It’s super soft and cozy and it’s like wearing a blanket. You can find them at Nordstom and Macy’s.

Do you open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

We open one gift on Christmas Eve (and it can’t be your main present) and the rest of Christmas morning.

What will you be giving or sharing during this Season of Giving?

This time of year, I can never pass a Salvation Army bucket without throwing some change into it. Those bell’s are just a part of the season! I also support the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. The holidays can be a desperately lonely time for many and this organization does an amazing job with their 24-hour suicide prevention hotline and support services.

Merry Christmas Cynthia,



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