Is there anything more precious than a Christmas baby?

My good friend Candy Evans, just got her best Christmas present ever…

two new grandbabies!

Hattie Pearl Decker, pictured above…

And Palmer Barrett Evans..








Candy with her hands full…



Candy, what else could you want for Christmas?

A pack n play. You see, I just got two grand angels! Palmer Barrett Evans was born on Nov. 27 in Palo Alto, CA, and Hattie Pearl Decker was born on December 2 at Medical City in Dallas. I prayed they would be healthy and perfect and their deliveries without complication. We almost got that! Take that back! One thing I would like! I would like Palmer Barrett to be here in Dallas with us for a whole month! PS: I intend to be the sexiest grandma in Dallas!

Other than grand angels, what was your best Christmas gift ever?

The best gift I ever got was my eternity diamond ring, which I told my husband was for five years then UPGRADE, and my blue KitchenAid mixmaster from my kids. Don’t know why I never had one before, but it makes baking 1000% EASIER.

Do you open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

We open gifts on Christmas Day. We go to midnight services at church on Christmas Eve. If no family is in town, we spend the whole day on the phone and computer, Skyping with fam and friends. One tradition I plan to start as the grand angels get older: a home visit from Santa Clause!

This is the Season of Giving, what cause or charity will you give to?

We believe in giving all year! We just pledged to the new Parkland Hospital since my husband did his OB/GYN training there and since I’m President of the USA Film Festival Dallas this year, my donations will be earmarked for film!!

Merry Christmas Candy, you don’t get another thing!

By the way, Candy says the “grand angels” will call her…anything but Grandmother!

Merry Christmas,



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