I’ve been thinking about love lately…

There are all kinds of love. There’s the love you have for your child, which is like no other. There’s the love you have for your best friend, who is always there when you need her, or him.

There’s the love you have for your parents, that surpasses everything they did wrong, and right, in rearing you.

But romantic love…that’s the one that’s plastered all over Facebook…photos of smiling couples and advice columns about “How To Get the Man/Woman of your Dreams”…

What is romantic love? Is it sizzling sex and breathlessly waiting for a phone call or text? I don’t think so, I think that’s infatuation and maybe the beginning of romantic love.

But romantic love takes longer to simmer.

I think romantic love is the pure simple joy and peace of just being home with your loved one eating popcorn and watching a movie. Romantic love is that feeling you get when he opens the door for you and even after years, it still catches your breath just a little.

Romantic love can take the place of all the fancy homes, cars and vacations in the world because it’s one of the best feelings on earth.

I’d like to know what romantic love means to you. What’s romantic between you and your partner?  What’s your idea of romantic love?

Have a beautiful day,



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