Opi Infinite Shine  promises “no touch ups” for 7 days, which sounds great!

Lots of us have tried gels and nail lacquers but they can leave my nails dry and brittle, so I went back to traditional polish.

I’m super curious to see if this new Opi Infinite Shine works.

The website says it is “revolutionary”.

Opi Infinite Shine uses 3 steps: Primer, Lacquer and Gloss with no time consuming “light curing”.

Opi Infiniti Shine just became available so there are limited colors. You can see which retail shops are carrying it and there’s also a helpful video if you click on this link: Opi Infinite Shine

There are lots of beautiful colors, I picked a pretty red called “Can’t Be Beet”. I’ll be posting pics throughout the week and we’ll see if it lasts ’til Valentines Day!