Everybody was smiling after we finished our video presentation, and there was a good reason!

This was my second time to work with the great folks at Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union.

When I work with a corporation, I do behind the scenes coaching on body language and presentation.

catalyst 1

“on-camera” make-up and wardrobe…

catalyst 2

catalyst 3

and then I’m behind the camera for a change, giving last minute tips and cheering on my team.

catalyst 4

On a presentation like the Catalyst “2015 Blueprint for Success Mid-Year Economic Update” I ask questions of the panel during the videotaping, moderate the discussion and do my part to help make sure everything comes together in a terrific corporate presentation!

catalyst 5

There is nothing that makes me happier than to see experts who don’t normally do their work on TV from fields like finance, retail or even medicine, become more confident “on-camera” and know they hit it out of the park on a corporate video presentation. Innovators like Catalyst are using video as an extremely effective marketing and teaching tool.

catalyst group

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you, your employees or clients with “on-camera coaching” or image coaching that will improve your presentations on and off camera, or a corporate video presentation please email me at jane@janemcgarrymedia.com.

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