I first posted this almost a year ago and as we approach Mother’s Day I wanted to share it again…

My Mom was a healthy woman who took good care of herself her entire life.

She died two years ago after our family spent months with doctors and in hospitals trying to figure out why she suddenly could not swallow her food and was so fatigued. A few weeks before she died, we learned what was wrong; an unusual form of ALS that progressed quickly and started where the awful disease usually finishes, in the head and neck area.  The miracle in that was that my Mom never lost movement and control in her hands, as so many ALS patients do.

So only two days before she died, I got this iPhone video, Mom playing, of my Mom playing “The Sound of Music” on her 9 foot grand piano.  My Mom was gifted in many ways but the greatest of these was her ability to sit down and play any song after hearing it only once, as if she had spent hours practicing.  Playing the piano was what gave her the greatest joy in life, other than her kids and grand kids,  and as we approach Mother’s Day I wanted to share this gift of hers with you.

Click here for my short video Mom playing “The Sound of Music”. I treasure it because my Mom and her gift are gone.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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