One of the first “celebrities” I met in North Texas was KISS-FM’s Kidd Kraddick…or Cradick…

in the neighborhood. Kidd and his family lived right around the corner from me in Arlington so he and his family became friends…and because of that I got to know his sweet daughter, Caroline. I watched her grow into a lovely and large hearted young woman.

When I was thinking of people who I wanted to ask about Thanksgiving, I thought of Caroline, because she is a woman who has had some tremendous challenges and sadness to face with the death of her father, and yet, continues to look at life with a smile, as you can see in her picture above.

Caroline, what are you especially thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I am especially thankful for my loved ones and for new beginnings this Thanksgiving. I am showed constant support and love from not just family but our friends, too. Being away from home has showed me that without the love of family and friends, I am nothing.

What are you doing now? I know you have moved.

I moved to Nashville, TN in August of this year, pursuing my singing/songwriting career and am in the process of opening a Kidd’s Kids office in Nashville as well. I am working on my new show called “Kismet Caroline” so look out for that after the new year!

What’s your favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table?

I am not a huge Thanksgiving food person. I don’t like stuffing or cranberries! I love my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese – it is Ronald Reagan’s favorite recipe and it is SO delicious and a staple at every holiday gathering.

Thank you for all you do Caroline, God bless, and all my best to you.