My Channel 8 photographer and I looked at each other. We couldn’t believe what we had just heard.

That’s Brandi Todd, a young mother from Stephenville, on the horse in the picture with me. The only thing about Brandi is she can’t walk. She had taken her two children to the park on a sunny day in the spring when a stranger came out of nowhere and stabbed her, leaving her paralyzed.

If you don’t watch another one of my Starting Over stories for Channel 8, I hope you will watch this one. I promise you it will make your life better.

I talked to Brandi the other day and asked her about her plans for this Thanksgiving.

What are you especially grateful for this Thanksgiving Brandi?

I am especially thankful for family and shoes and friends and rain and my horse and funny movies and forgiveness and laughter and cheese fries and good books!

What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner?

Dessert! I don’t like Soggy Bread, aka dressing.

What are you and your family doing for Thanksgiving? Do you watch the Cowboys?

We watch football till everyone falls asleep for nap time.

Happy Thanksgiving Brandi.

Brandi is one of my Facebook friends and she always comments on my shoe posts. She loves to wear cute shoes, even though she can’t feel them. And she keeps me up to date on any new research into help for people with spinal injuries.

Click on this link to see Brandi Todd’s incredible story of Starting Over. 

I want you to see why my photographer, Bobby Hester, and I both walked away and said, “Wow”.


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