I like to cook but there are 4 things my weeknight meals have to be…Delicious, quick and easy to make, healthy and affordable. (I splurge on weekends with pretty much any cheeseburger or Mexican food I want!)

I use a combination of as many fresh ingredients as I can find, but they have to be easy to prepare.  Other than that I use what is convenient.

Since we’re getting  fit this week with Real Jane, tonight I’m making one of my favorites.  No cookbook, no real name, except “Real Jane Tuna/Bean Salad”?

Here are the ingredients I use — you could add or subtract pretty much anything you like.

Fresh black eyed peas (You can get the “grown in Texas” kind at this time of the year and all you have to do it cook them in chicken stock for about 30 minutes)


green onion

red bell pepper


celery (including the leaves)

marzano tomatoes

fresh garlic (I use the cloves that are already peeled because they are so easy)

olive oil, Real Lemon and pink Himalayan salt (this is my go to salad dressing)

cracked black pepper


Canned black beans

Canned cannelli beans

Canned chunk tuna (I like the Pole &  Line brand — Made in USA, sustainable fishing, the link is pretty interesting)

fresh sweet potatoes


Put the black eyed peas on to cook and the sweet potatoes in to bake.

Chop the next 6 ingredients. Add cooked and drained black eyed peas while still warm.  Add olive oil, lemon and salt to taste while warm.  (I think the ingredients absorb the flavors better before they cool off.)

Add canned beans (drained and rinsed).  Stir and set aside (not in the refrigerator) until potatoes are done.

Spoon bean mixture over split sweet potatoes and top with fresh tuna.  Add a dash of lemon if you like, and …


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