Morning! Are you a dog lover like me?

I have a special offer for Real Jane subscribers.

Recently I did a post about Hollywood Feed, a new  pet chain with stores here in North Texas.

I think it’s a fun place to shop and that’s the reason I wrote about it.  After seeing my post, the company contacted me about making an offer for Real Jane subscribers. It’s a one time 20% discount on all your purchases!

There was so much cute stuff in there…dog beds, T-shirts, toys…in addition to the necessary things like food. They had a “toothbrush” for $2.69 that Addy my chocolate lab would not quit chewing on!  I am happy to be able to offer you this coupon to go in and try Hollywood Feed.

They have several locations around North Texas and if you just click on the Hollywood Feed name in my post, you’ll find out more about where they are.

Have fun while you’re in the Hollywood Feed store, they have lots of cool stuff, and tell them Jane sent you.