The new pillows for my sofa just got here and I love them!

Changing pillows is a great way to get a fresh look without spending a fortune.LIVING WIDEIf you’re buying a sofa and want to be able to change out big beautiful pillows, just make sure the sofa is deep enough, ideally the seat needs to be  27 to 28 inches deep, front to the back you sit against.LIVING TIGHTThese pillows are new, but I also love vintage pieces like the pink Moroccan pillows in the photo below, taken in my Ft. Worth living room.FT WORTH LIVING ROOM PILLOWSPillows don’t have to be expensive, these on the sofa in my Ft. Worth den weren’t at all!FT WORTH DENWhile we’re on the subject of pillows, I like the variety of textures these vintage red and gold ones bring to my new D. Porthault bed linens.BEDROOM PORTHAULTThe D. Porthault sheets and pillow cases were a splurge I had always wanted. I found them at Linen Boutique on Lovers Lane in Dallas.BEDROOM PORTHAULT MEDAnd since we’re talking about sleeping, a bonus of a deep sofa is that when you take the pillows off it’s plenty deep enough to cuddle up on and take a nap or watch TV:)



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