One of the things I get to do in my job is go inside some wonderful houses.

When I interviewed restaurant entrepreneur Phil Romano for “Good Morning Texas” I fell in love with his home.

HIs kitchen is a cool combination of stainless steel and folk art.  In the great room there’s a huge coffee table stacked with books, and a friend from Sicily made the dining table by hand.  It seats fourteen!

One of the “hunting trophies” is actually a piece of art that he found and then had the rest made to match.  And I love the cobalt blue pots that climb the staircase.  I don’t know how he gets that real greenery to stay so pretty.

Phil Romano and I are standing in front of a canvas that he himself painted.

We had a really fun interview and a video tour of his home on Good Morning Texas.

Who’s home would you like to see featured here on Real Jane?  Who’s house would like to get a glimpse inside?  Tell me in the comments below.


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