This picture was taken in an area of the Bush Center that the First Lady and President actually use…

for entertaining larger groups of special friends and sometimes leaders from other countries.

The Presidential Reception Hall, where we are sitting, is on the second floor, above the public spaces.

Isn’t it pretty?  The First Lady helped design the handsome black coffee table.

Mrs. Bush laughed about us both wearing red. She looked very fit and said she’s been working out a lot recently.

Mrs. Bush invited us to come and talk with her about the Women’s Initiative at the Bush Center. She is passionate about helping empower women around the world, something she got especially interested in after 911.

During our interview the First Lady told us about some of the women from Egypt who went through the Women’s Initiative a couple of years ago, and what they are saying about conditions in their country now.

She also talked about some fun stuff like her granddaughter Mila’s upcoming second birthday, why the President’s passion for painting surprised her and about some of the movies she and the President have watched together lately.

Mrs. Bush had just returned from Selma and I asked her about getting together with First Lady Michelle Obama and what the two women talk about when they are together.

We had a really interesting interview with First Lady Laura Bush and it’s coming up this Thursday at 9:00 on Good Morning Texas

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