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Jane McGarry’s
“Manifest Your Dream Life Event”!

A message from Jane

It’s been a long time coming, but I can finally say to you:

This is your invitation to my “Manifest Your Dream Life” Event!  Come and have the most extraordinary day of your personal life as we celebrate the future and go deep, very deep, into the essential changes you need to Manifest The Life you have always dreamed of and to create the happiness and peace in your life and relationships.


What Is

Jane McGarry’s “Manifest Your Dream Life” Event?
Jane’s “Manifest Your Dream Life” Event is your #1 Conference for women who have an Honest Ambition to grow their relationships with yourself, your kids, men, and others, look their freshest and feel years younger.

This is a 1-day experience where you will be immersed in 4 key areas of relationship growth vital to survive in the dating world- that when implemented properly, will enable you to thrive in the years ahead, way beyond what was possible before.

We will gather in an exciting friendly environment at the beautiful Dallas Arboretum to focus on creating profound breakthroughs in your life and relationships.

Imagine If

Imagine if you had owned the same computer or phone for 10 years and never updated the operating system.  To be blunt, that’s what most women are doing in 2022.  We’ve been so preoccupied with our careers and others that it’s easy to miss the extraordinary things that are happening between men and women.

From online dating to the extraordinary rise of dating aps we are quite literally living in a new world, so your dating life and your way of thinking about relationships needs a reboot and an upgrade.  You’ve dominated in other parts of your life, now you can dominate in ALL your life.

Jane’s “Manifest Your Dream Life” Event is the place for that to happen.  You will be immersed in the most powerful strategies as I share with you my own story and the dozens of breakthroughs I’ve had- any of which can be a turning point in your life!


You cannot take your life from where it is now to where you want it to be without great people.  It’s just a fact.  To grow your life, you need great people in it.  This event will bring together a group of like-minded women who all have the same goal.  To improve their romantic relationships.  To look and feel younger!

You’ll get my Tool Kit to manifest your dreams, find inner peace and fix your relationships.  You’ll also get inner circle access to my world-renowned health and beauty experts, cutting edge procedures and products that will enhance your vibrancy as you age well.

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My Mission

My mission is to inspire women to know we are high valued, that we matter, no matter our age, color, shape or size.

This workshop will offer you strategies, tips and tools to Design Your Life to feel good and look good, and to embrace the truth that at every age and in every color, shape and size, as women, we matter!

When I was growing up, I didn’t see women like me on TV, in movies or in business. While men were valued for the wisdom they gained with age, mature women were invisible. Many of my sisters of color never saw a woman who looked like them of any age on screen or in business.

My mission is part of my larger belief that each of us is a unique, beautiful creation of God and that learning to love ourselves, value ourselves and care for ourselves is what God intended for each of us and what used to be called “good stewardship.”

God has a purpose for you and for me and it’s my hope that I can help inspire you to find, embrace and cultivate yours. If I can, you can too!