Happy Valentine’s Day! And here it is, my manicure, 7 days ago later…

I promised I would try the new Opi Infinite Shine, “non-gel” polish for you and here are the results.

One little chip on my index finger, but other than that may polish looks great, for me anyway! I am not easy on a manicure…I work at my computer where my nails hit the keys all day long…I garden…do dishes…fish around in the bottom of my handbag looking for keys.

So, I’m sold on this new Opi Infinite Shine .

I had tried gels and nail lacquers but they left my nails dry and brittle.

Opi Infinite Shine uses 3 steps: Primer, Lacquer and Gloss and I love the fact that there is no time consuming “light curing”.

Opi Infiniti Shine just became available so there are limited colors. You can see which retail shops are carrying it and there’s also a helpful video if you click on this link: Opi Infinite Shine

The final step will be to see if the polish comes off with no stain on my nails, and if I can see any evidence it left my fingernails dry or brittle.

If my nails look healthy and clear, I’m sold!


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