There’s my cup of Nespresso on a sunny spring afternoon…have you had this delightful treat?

I like the coffee machines that use “pods” or “capsules” like the Keurig. Nespresso is one of those.

25 years ago, Nespresso started out in the Espresso business. But last year it launched the VertuoLine System to give U.S. coffee drinkers that same Nespresso experience, but in a larger cup like we’re used to. That’s when I got interested. I like Espresso but not enough to buy a machine.

They use stylish coffee machines like in the pictures above (I got the beautiful bright red) that they say create the perfect cup of coffee with “exquisite crema, tantalising aroma and full bodied taste – just like skilled baristas”. The crema is traditionally the thin layer of foam at the top of Espresso.

Their coffees come in brilliantly colored aluminum pods.

I picked up my machine at the Nespresso store at NorthPark Center. You can also order online. Right now the VertuoLine is $100 off as part of their 1 Year Anniversary Sale.

Nespresso coffee is more expensive than other “pods” but it’s stronger so I drink about half as much.

The coffee is delicious and it’s a nice treat to wake up to now that my alarm goes off at 4 a.m. to do Good Morning Texas.

And, I love the crema.





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